Financial Industry.

Finance is defined as finding funds under suitable conditions when needed, using these funds in the most effective way, ensuring that assets are invested, and making the best use of the idle funds that are formed within the company over time, in order to ensure the activities of a Startup or business in line with its objectives. In other words, it can also be defined as financial management. Good risk management, that is, a balance between risk and return, is essential for finance. In order to achieve this balance, we analyze the reports with our experienced staff and present them to you.

Agriculture Industry.

Our report, which we have prepared in the light of up-to-date data in order to guide your companies in the agriculture-food sector, examines the world’s agricultural agenda, foreign trade, sector problems and policies in detail. The most developed countries in the world in agriculture are the USA, if taken as a whole, the EU (Germany, Netherlands and France), China, India and Brazil. These are followed by Indonesia, Turkey, Canada and Russia. Naturally, the major players of the world market in agriculture may differ on the supply or demand side of the market. The current data of the country and city you have determined, the plant protection products and plant nutrition products that you need are examined, analyzed and presented to you by the experienced staff of SOM.

Animal Feed and Food Industry.

Materials containing organic or inorganic nutrients that do not have any harmful effects on their health and that contain organic or inorganic nutrients so that animals can benefit, if fed to animals in the amount and conditions within the limits of practical experience, are called feed. The feed industry in Turkey, which is shown among the important countries in the world in terms of livestock potential, but cannot get enough share of the cake. It is an important Agro-Industry branch with the number of established factories and the high rate of usable capacity. It is our job to research the country’s industry and determine its needs in order to be able to do this job in the country you are targeting.

Real Estate Development and Investment Industry.

Feasibility study is important in real estate development projects. Real estate development projects have started to be handled professionally in the world in recent years. The constant change in the real estate market forces entrepreneurs to think more systematically to meet the expectations of users. Now the scales of the projects are growing and becoming complex. As the scales of the projects increase, the risks increase proportionally accordingly. For this reason, in order to reduce the risks, entrepreneurs had to give more importance to the work done before the project. We are preparing studies that will benefit your company in the development and investments of real estate projects with SOM expert engineering staff.

Construction and Engineering Industry.

Engineering and design projects require the integrated and dedicated work of multiple fields. We carry out a successful integration process between all project disciplines with our experienced engineers, experts and consultants in our projects that require expertise in different fields such as static, architectural, electrical and mechanical design and are carried out in various sectors.

Retail Industry.

Increasing e-commerce in recent years has caused retailers to change their business models. Under intense competition conditions, retailers manage their marketing channels not only with their physical stores but also with many intermediaries such as online stores and specialty shopping sites. Changes in retailing and marketing channels often complicate the conditions of competition. Today, retailers focus on strategies suitable for technological developments as well as meeting the demands and needs of customers very quickly. While technological developments often offer benefits and more choices to consumers, they require retailers to adapt quickly to change.

Chemical Industry.

In the chemical industry, SOM’s expert staff is prepared with data obtained from reliable sources. You need a partner who can help you address the benefits or problems of operating in the SOM chemical market and provide a service for all at a reasonable and fair cost to all. Whether you source chemicals from around the world or provide chemical service solutions, we are here to help you run your business.

Information Technologies Industry.

As SOM, we provide services in determining the requirements, making use of technology to close the gap between institution and organization goals, establishing new systems, software and networks for this process, and carrying out all necessary studies for updating existing ones, determining the current situation by making analysis and feasibility studies on Information Technologies. Preparation of the feasibility report, taking inventory, performing analyses, creating technical specifications, fulfilling contract management and acceptance processes are some of our practices.